Mobile Computer

Before discussing the trend of mobile computer systems, it helps mobile computer itself is discussed in general in order to obtain an understanding of the mobile computer. First to be discussed understanding of the mobile computer itself. From several sources, obtained some definition of so-called mobile computers or mobile computing, namely:mobile

Mobile Computing is the advancement of computer technology, often referred to as a mobile computer (portable computer) that can communicate with a wireless network (wireless).
Mobile Computing is a computing technology that is not physically connected, or in remote or mobile environment (non-static).
Mobile Computing is a term used to describe the application on the device are small, portable, and wireless and communication support.

From the definition of some of these sources, it can be concluded that mobile computing or mobile computers any portable computer is wireless technology, usually small, portable / can be taken anywhere, and communications support.
The development of mobile computers until now is remarkable. This is not out of the developments of mobile computer from time